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    EcoPoint is the simple way to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
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    Service+ is the easy way to look after your company car and van service, maintenance and repair needs.
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    ServicePoint is the latest way to manage your vehicle administration with an easy to use online portal.
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Credit Checking *

The information which you provide will be disclosed to a licensed credit reference agency which will retain a record of the search. It will be used by us to assess your applications and for debt tracing and fraud prevention.

Zero Liability Protection

Tick this box for Zero Liability Protection on your fuel cards. Protect your business in the event of card loss or theft. Zero Liability Protection Terms and Conditions

Data Protection

You have the right to access , change or delete the data you have supplied us. In order to do so you should contact

Authority to Apply *

I confirm that I am authorised to apply for fuelcards on behalf of the company whose details I have entered on this form. The partners/proprietors detailed within the application under step two have given their informed consent for us and our associated companies to make credit reference searches, maintain records of the searches and for their details to be processed in accordance with this applications.

Terms & Conditions

I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Tick this box if you consent to us sharing your information with other carefully selected companies who may contact you in relation to other products and services.

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As a business we strive to create an added value service for our customers. We have developed close relationships with key partners, in order to deliver offers that will benefit your company and your fleet.

Please tick the box next to the products you are interested in to receive more information.

Business Mileage Monitor (BMM)

Business Mileage Monitor (BMM)

No need for receipts, 100% VAT reclaim & 100% HMRC compliant.

Business Mileage Monitor works in conjunction with our fuel cards to give you THE most effective fuel management solution around.

BMM is a completely automated online process allowing you to make a fast, simple and accurate submission of business mileage and journey details. We offer two versions of the BMM system, Essential (FREE OF CHARGE)& Ultimate (£2.99 Per user per month). If you would like to add BMM to your account please select which level you require in the box below.

Tick this box to select this promotion

AA Breakdown

AA Pay for Use Breakdown & Fuel Assist As an Allstar customer you can access the AA’s Pay for Use Breakdown & Fuel Assist services through your Allstar card. These services are offered free of charge as part of your Allstar account, you only pay in the event of a breakdown or fuel assist. To take advantage of the AA services on your Allstar card please tick the box below and we will arrange for some AA cards to be sent to you for your drivers to keep in their wallet / vehicle.

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Zero Liability Protection

Zero Liability Protection is available on your fuel cards. In the unfortunate event that your fuel cards are lost or stolen, you will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions on your account from the moment you inform us.

Zero Liability offers you peace of mind for just £1 per card per month!!

Please see below Terms and Conditions for our Zero Liability Protection

The Fuelcard Company Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply in relation to the Zero Liability option you have purchased.

Looking after your Card

(i) The customer agrees that it will take care to keep all Cards issued to it safe and to prevent them from being lost, stolen or used by any person (other than an Authorised User), and will, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: -

a) sign or write the vehicle registration on the back of each Card immediately upon receipt;

b) not allow anyone other than an Authorised User to use the Card; and

c) not disclose the PIN to any person other than an Authorised User of that Card.

(ii) Security of the PIN is paramount and, therefore, the Customer agrees that it will (and will procure that any Authorised User will);-

a) not write (or otherwise record) the PIN on the Card or any other item normally kept with or near the Card;

b) not write the PIN (or otherwise record) in a way that can be easily understood by someone else;

c) not disclose the PIN to someone else, including a representative of the Company;

d) destroy the PIN advice immediately after receipt;

e) not interfere with any magnetic strip or chip in the Card; and

f) comply with all reasonable instructions the Company issues regarding keeping the PIN safe.

(iii) If any card is lost or stolen or if the Customer thinks it may be misused or suspects that someone else knows a PIN, the customer

must immediately notify the company. The Customer can notify the company by telephone on 0845 456 1400 (or such other number as the Company may, from time to time, notify to the Customer), but this must be confirmed in writing, the cards can be placed on stop via e-flex our online account management portal; if the Customer does not use e-flex the company requires written confirmation via email or fax.

(iv) The Customer agrees that it will provide the Company with any help the Company believes is necessary to try to recover any Card reported lost or stolen in accordance with Clause (iii) above or to find out who might have used it or the PIN. In all cases including but not limited to when fraudulent drawings have occurred, the Customer will be required to report the matter to the police, obtain a police crime reference and co-operate with the police and/or the Company in efforts to recover the card and/or in any associated civil and/or criminal proceedings.

(v) The Customer agrees that the Company may give the police or any prosecuting authority and/or the Company’s solicitors any information they need if the Company believes it will help them, or that it will avoid or mitigate loss or help recover the card and/or any missing fuel, lubricant, gas oil or other goods and services (or the proceeds thereof).

(vi) It the Customer finds the card after it has been reported missing under Clause iii, the Customer agrees not to use it but to cut it in half and return it immediately to the Company by registered post. If the Customer does use the Card to draw Fuel or purchase the lubricants or gas oil or other goods and services the Company shall be entitled to take the amount of the withdrawal out of the Customer’s account

Responsibility for Loss

(vii) If the Customer does not receive the Card from the Company (for example, if it is lost in the post), and it has notified the Company of such non receipt, in accordance with Clause (iii), the Company agrees that it will credit the value of any fuel or lubricants or gas oil or other goods and services taken from the Customer’s account if it is proven that someone else has misused the Card.

(viii) Until such time as the Customer informs the Company via Eflex or in writing, under clause (iii) that the Card has been lost or stolen, or may be misused, or that someone else knows the PIN, the Customer will be responsible for all drawings of Fuel and purchases of lubricants or gas oil or other goods and services made using the Card. (ix) The Customer will not be responsible for any transactions made using a Card issued to it after the Customer has reported it lost or stolen under clause (iii), unless the Card is used by the Customer or any Authorised User on their behalf or if the Customer or any Authorised User has been fraudulent or negligent. The Company agrees that it will credit the Customer’s account following the completion of our internal investigation and any external enquiry covered under clauses (iv) and (v) (x) The Company will not be responsible and will accept no liability for any loss or expense suffered by the Customer if: (a) a card is damaged; or (b) any person or machine refuses to accept a Card (xi) If the Customer requests the Company to deactivate a Card for any reason other than loss or theft, the Customer will remain responsible for transactions on the Card until such time as the Card is cut in half and returned to (and received by) the Company by registered post. Card Management

(xii) Cards shall at all times remain the property of the Company and shall be returned to the Company on demand;

(xiii) The Customer shall forthwith notify the Company if at any time the Customer suspends cancels or otherwise prohibits use of any Card for any reason and if such notification is given orally it must as soon as is reasonably orally it must as soon as is reasonably practicable be confirmed in writing. Such notification shall include details of the Authorised User’s name and Card number. In the event that a Card is cancelled and/or withdrawn from use the Customer will in addition to the above confirm in writing that the Card in question has been physically destroyed. Failure to confirm such destruction will prevent the cancellation and the Card in question will remain on stop until the expiry date thereof has been reached. The Customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Company its estate and effects against all damages costs expenses and liability of whatsoever nature which the Company shall suffer by reason of the subsequent use of a Card that the Customer had confirmed as being destroyed.

Terms & Conditions